Cruel and unusual punishment

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Ripple age 70 who stated he robbed a bank so that he'd be sent to jail to get away from his wife sentenced to house
arrest... too funny. IF there is a follow up story on the death of either he or his wife... then not too funny.
When you have to go to old age home, commit a crime that sends you to Federal Prison. You will be taken care a whole lot better than the old age home and at no cost.
TexasBred":32apn1ub said:
Jogeephus":32apn1ub said:
Looks like Kansas takes the hard line on criminals and I think the judge went to far and if I were Mr. Ripple I'd fight to have this appealed. ... 4xQQtzX.99
You can't rehabilitate these criminals. Bet he'll do it again in no time.

You are so right. Just shows how we have a revolving door policy in our justice system. The shame of it all is now he is a convicted felon and can't have a gun so he can't go out to the wood shed and blow his brains out so his punishment will be just as severe as working in a gulag mining uranium in Siberia. Or maybe he will discover strong drink.
Bestoutwest":2xi6g4xw said:
She must be one special woman for him to do something that drastic.

Been thinking on this and you'd think the court would be more understanding to the man's plight. After all, the law allows a married man to make twice as much beer each year than a single man so its obvious the court system has some understanding of a man's plight. :hide:

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