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Wagyu X Angus would make a very good cross for high yielding, high marbling, extremely flavorful beef.
There will be a big demand for this cross in the next few years.
You will not be on the ground floor but pretty close to it.
I have a neighbor who is transplanting Wagyu Embryos into Reg. Red Angus.
I don't know why he is using strictly Reg. Red Angus, unless he is planning to AI them to Wagyu's after calving or AI to Red Angus.
It is a great cross. I have a freind that has 3 Wagyu cows, and he has been crossing his Black Angus bull on them for about 3 years now. He says the meat is great. The Angus bring some hardiness to the Wagyu and the babies grow a bit faster. I guess the Wagyu are slow maturing atleast that is what he has told me.
outstanding cross!! We use Wagyu on black cows (angusx,simmentalx,pinzgaur). Our popcorn farts (35 lbs b.w) are 50lbs heavier than the neighbors Simmental X Angus (70 lbs b.w. ave.) at 60 days.Feedlot performance is outstanding,too.I can't tell you how impressed I am with them.

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