Cross from F-1 Brangus and Hereford

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Mar 4, 2015
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Central Texas
Anyone know what kind of cross usually come out of black F-1 Brangus cows crossed with hereford bull. Would they still retain much of the black?
In my experience a Hereford bull on Brangus cows produces about 1 red calf to 10 black ones. I don't have much experience with Brahman x Angus F1 cows, but I'd expect a similar ratio. Hopefully someone with more first hand experience will reply.
Like these girls here. I have 1 I picked up last year at a sale but she hasnt calved yet.
We have very few straight F1 Angus X Brahman and I always say Brangus type cattle because Im not real sure what is in the woodpile... nor do I care.

I would agree with Rafter that you will probably see Black and Red Mots. Not sure the ratio. That might depend on how true your cows are.
We did it a long time ago and I know several around here who do it. Most calves are black with white or mot face. The steers bring good money at the sell barn and the heifers make excellent replacements.