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May 26, 2004
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NW Wisconsin
I was wondering if there is a web site that shows pictures of the results of different crosses. For example, charlois x black angus, charlois x red angus, herford x charlois, simmental x hereford or charlois. When buying commercial cattle, I would like to be able to tell what some of the genetic background is. Probably not possible to tell in some cases.
Here is a site. This is the first time I have posted a website, I hope it "takes". I have a facination with genetics also. There are many more sites dealing with color genetics in cattle getting more and more scientific and in depth. Here is a basic start:

If that won't go through, then go to "Google" and put in the words: Cattle color genes.
I don't think you can always tell breed crosses just by color. For example: we have a blond cow. Her granddam was charolais (bought as bottle calf from reg herd). She (granddam) was AI'd to a black angus. That cow was, as best as I can describe it, carhart coat color. She (dam) was bred to a very roan shorthorn and that is how the blond cow was produced, her full sister, and if I remember right all the steers, were red, we were expecting some blue ones. The red cow produced a red calf when bred back to a shorthorn and now black baby wagyus. The blond cow is still at our place being bred to a red shorthorn bull (same one 4 years) and produces carbon copies of her self- Blond even tho they are 3/4 shorthorn.

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