Cronic Lunger?

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I recently purchased a 5 year old Herford thats 5mnths bred. After getting her home we noticed she had a rattle when breathing and an occasional cough. We vaccinated with Nuflor the next day.A few days later we noticed some improvement. Its now been 2 weeks and she seems to have developed it again.Just not quit as bad. I talked to my vet and he suggested she could be a cronic lunger. Has anyone experienced this before? Will she be able to succesfully raise her calf? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Frankly, I'd ensure she doesn't have lungworms as well by using a good dewormer. Also AIP like disease is something that cattle can get and will cause permanent damage--it can be rapidly fatal but can also be like farmer's lung--slow and progressive.

Generally if a respiratory problem is chronic, the animal will be poor doing, especially in the heat. Adults don't tend to be able to carry to term. (they need more lung capacity for the added fetus)

Auscultation of this animal would be very helpful--ask your vet about all of the above suggestions!

Good Luck V

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