crimping bulls

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Dec 2, 2007
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The vet was over last week working cattle and a young bull I was keeping turned out to be a "climber". I can't stand climbers and won't sell one so I told the vet to get her knife - the bull was probably 850 lbs so I was concerned my big bander was a tick small. She didn't want to cut him because of the weather (sloppy, wet, muddy) but got her "crimper". No blood, no band, no tetanus, no going off feed, no infection . . . the bull objected more to getting his ear tagged than getting crimped.

Why isn't this approach used more? Is it because it's harder to know you really got the job done?
The crimper is called a Burdizzo. We used them effectively for years. Never really had a problem with them other than missing one in a millon. But banders are the common practrice now and have heard about having problems with them. I don,t have a clue why nobody seems to use Burdizzos anymore. Unless sombody gave me a awful good reason to not use them I would go back to it If I needed. There still hanging on the barn wall. Around here there is no discount on bull calves.
I think crimping is not used more often because there is a real knack to getting it done right the first time that most of us won't do enough of to develop.
the bull objected more to getting his ear tagged than getting

Yep they kick and scream bloody murder 'till you get a hold of their precious cargo in your hand/s, then they will stand dead still until you let go of them. :lol2:

Sounds like you have a really good vet angus.
My vet cam at me with a set of burdizzo right after we found out our forth child was deaf. My wife wanted to get me banded but the vet thought the burdizzo were better.

I went to a specialist to get it done and it cost me 30 times what the vet charges. But the vet was going to do it for free to me if she could get a copy of the tape my wife was going to make of it. After a week in the lazy boy with ice packs I think the vet would have done a better job.

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