Creep feed ration. Opinion ?

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Oct 11, 2018
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New Mexico
My local feed yard is selling the following ration $200 a ton.
Creep feed
Corn - 20%
DDG -30%
Corn gluten - 30%
Alfalfa pellets - 15%
Supplement - 5%

Any opinions? He thinks the protein content is around 18%. If I purchase can it be left out free choice ? Thanks
"natural supplement contains vitamins and minerals. Not sure what else. It doesn't have rumensin or antibiotics"
If I leave it out free choice for the calves will it hurt them? They are on triticale pasture right now. I have a creep area for them. No creep feeder.
most creep feeds are blended with the intention of having it available whenever they want to eat. trying to ration or feed on a schedule usually does not work out as well since older or dominant herd mates get a majority of the feed which defeats the purpose of feeding a creep feed.
If that's delivered you will be OK if your stock is healthy. Market is always an issue of course

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