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Jan 7, 2006
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I have a good friend that totally refuses to get a hair cut during the month of March.
His great grandmother (cherokee indian) told him that he would get a terrible cold or the flu and could possibly die if he cut his hair that month.His wife of 31 years told me you can't drag him to a barber shop in March. So, what kind of crazy beliefs have y'all heard of ?
1..We did not go to the Moon,it was all a hollywood stunt.
2..putting men on the Moon has messed up the weather.
Apparently if you set fence posts in a certain (forget which) phase of the moon, you will have to reset them a few times a year.
peg4x4":1gw8kiws said:
That cats are "evil". The only animal that is evil is Human.

Peg, I beg to differ. Had a cow once named Lucifer and she was evil and conniving and would go out of her way to get you. She died after we had a little come to Jesus meeting so maybe you are right.
Angus Cowman":2yg1did4 said:
cfpinz":2yg1did4 said:
Some of my neighbors think black bulls are better than red ones.
Well of course that is just commom sense everyone knows that :lol: :lol:
No,she just wanted to kill you because you were the predator who took her calf every year! You'd expect her to act that way if a wolf or dog got in the pen. she had a better memory than the rest of the herd.
peg4x4":2erslcgm said:
That cats are "evil". The only animal that is evil is Human.

Cats are evil and dumb, anything that has 9 lives has to be evil. :lol: Have you ever seen a cat that was used for search an rescue.
No,but I've seen mine curl up beside me and purr and nudge me with her head while I couldn't have cared less if I lived or died because of the chemo..It helped...Kinda funny as I smelled worse than a Vets office..She'd sniff,sneeze , purr harder and snuggle closer. she does what she can.
mtncows":378irkey said:
cfpinz":378irkey said:
Some of my neighbors think black bulls are better than red ones.
They're right :cboy:

You're welcome to come help me load out at 5am tomorrow and see if you think those angus calves are anywhere near the gelbvieh calves! :wave:

Heard you got a "new" bale bed fixed

How long did my wiring job on the spreader truck last?
Well, I did everything I could these last two months, to keep Steffie with us. All the real medicine and natural K9 immunity holistic meds. The food that I made her, which was probably better than most on here get ..Other sacrifices that I chose to do,, which really po'd Mr. HD off .. :lol2:

It didn't help ,,all the praying and sacrificing ,she still had stage 4 terminal cancer. BUT the two extra months with her are priceless ..........:heart:

So if my superstitions got me 2 more months with her..So be it..Call me a nut job ,but I am a loved nut job.. :)
You do what you have to.

There is a hot discussion on "fuglyhorseoftheday" about a 27 year old horse who has lost his hoof--looks like he stepped out of it,whole thing gone! Some for trying to fix it,some against. I'm wondering about quality of life for the horse,and the fact that animals only know "now".

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