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May 10, 2005
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Hey guys getting ready to buy a cracker box welder for the barn but dont have a 220 hook up. Wanted to know if any of you guys have used a 110 cracker box and if it is worth getting a 220 hook up. Have a mig that is a 110 and is real handy because I can get and extension cord and take it any where I want. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks kane
Don't know how much trouble/$$$ it would take to get the 220 ran in your situation, but that's the route I'd be most interested in.
Small gas powered generator/welder might be an option. Mine comes in handy for things you can't bring to the shop and I loaned it to my cousin when Ike put them out of power for a week.
I second the gas powered welder/generator. I've had a Lincoln Ranger 8 for about 15 years, and it's been used a lot more as a generator than a welder. Really handy to have around.
I looked into another welder for "portable" use a couple of years ago. Instead of buying another one I bought a 6500 watt generator. We use it for emergency power and when I need to weld or have elctricity away from an available source I just load it on a trailer and haul it to the site. If It's a welding job I put the welder on the trailer with it.
For inside the shop or near it, I put in a 100 foot 8 gauge spool of wire. One end connec5ted permanently to the breaker and the other end has the receptacle that matches both the welder and a 220 50a lead from the generator. I can move the welder anywhere in the shop or outside close by. For long term emergency power I put the generator under a leanto and unplug the welder and hook it to the generator. On the main service pole we have an isolation switch to take us off the grid when needed.
For stationary use, i would go ahead and wire for 220v unless its a really long run. I've got a cracker box Lincoln that i've had for 30yrs and they work really well. I think the 220v cracker box runs hotter than any 110v would

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