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Oct 19, 2016
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Well sold a few claves (11) the avg 648 I was tickled with the prices I got had a 800 pounder bring 1.20 pound then had some 550 weight bring 1.40
Congrats. I would have been tickled too. Where are you located? That's Quite a bit better than we have been seeing here.
We sold some steers at CPH sale Tuesday, average weight was 676 lbs. The largest calves weighed 752, and brought 124.75, per lb. The lightest were 525, and brought, 133. I wish that would have had more to have sold.
I'm a little tainted on our state programs, so take this with a grain of salt. The last set of CPH calves I produced ended like this. The morning I got them up to haul off, one of them smelled what was going to happen and wouldn't come up. I caught him the next week, and cut his ear tag off to run him through the yard. He brought a nickel more per pound than the calves the previous week.

To the best of my knowledge you can't get in their heifer deal. It's not really a "program" if it's only for the chosen few.
I'll say this for the CPH sale in Guthrie, it draws big buyers that wont buy anything there on a regular sale. The last one I watched sell they had It before the regular sale and the CPH calves were significantly higher than the regular sale.

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