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Jun 1, 2004
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Please excuse the spelling. We had a calf come down with coxcidia. The vet gave me "albon" pills to give to him. He is better now but I can not seem to get any answers as to what this is, how cattle get it, is it only in calves, what are the symtoms etc. Also how do you get rid of it. There seems to be no vac. for it. The only reason it was diagnose was because he had blood in his stools. He was originally thought to have had pnemonia. While in the squeese for his nightly medication we noticed the blood and took a stool sample into the vet.
:help: :help: :help: :help:
We have cattle in for breeding and they are going home this sat. I don't know if this is contagous.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Don't know if this helps any or not--but when I worked on the hog farm Coccidia hit & they lost more than 1/3 of the 2,000 herd & 3/4 of the 6-week & younger piglets. It destroys the villi in the intestines so they cannoit absorb hardly any nutrition. They dehydrate 'cause they get the scours/diarreah (spelling worng!) from it. As far as I'm concerend it's BAD news & contagous!! The barns stunk (worse than normal!) and the poor pigs felt & looked like crap. It was NASTY all the way around. We had sows aborting left & right, too. We made more trips to the dead pit for a month than the whole year put together.
I know they have made advancements in the past couple of years on treatments, etc. Good Luck!!
Corid is also very effective, Albon is good too, but if you have a calf that is dehydrated, or you do not have the small bolus available, and don't want to risk the larger bolus getting stuck in the treachea, or esophagus, then use the drench, or mix Corid dry into the drench, this is better for a couple of reasons v using the corid in the water trough

1. control volume dose per head, and you know exactly how much each animal is getting.

2. Community water is great but volume consumed is hard to monitor, especialy when animals are dehydrated and not feeling well as it is.

Coccidia, is spread by birds, wild fowl, etc, you can feed a coccidiostat, such as ionophores, which are also growth promotants, talk to your local feed store to see if they offer any, they can be added to a daily ration, or fed through a loose mineral, or mixed in a custom ration, and some feed lot type rations will already have it mixed into the ration, it will then have a label marked "Medicated" to comply with USDA reg.

Coccidia is also found in the soil if I am not mistaken and mineral difficient cattle will eat dirt and pick it up from licking dirt. Adult cattle don't typicaly get it, unless they are immune compromized for some reason. And Corid would be the method of treatment I would choose used over a 4 -5 day period of daily dosing.
Call up Agri-King in Fullton Illinois and order some Tri-Lution paste or pills. This will for sure knock out whatever ails ya.

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