cow's insides are coming out the anus then it died

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my friends cow had its insides come out of the anus then it died . 2 more same thing. any diagnosis?
Sounds like the prolapse condition we discussed a few days ago on the other board. As I recall, the cow would of needed to be stiched up by a vet and fingers kept crossed hoping for a good outcome!
I would be looking at a feed problem unless it was a bred cow. Come to think about it, i would look at feed and body condition in any case.

Ok....rectal prolapse without tearing will not cause the intestines to come out, so either it was out for so long that it (the rectal mucosa and lining) died and allowed the guts to come out OR it was torn by something. Once the intestines are out, it's pretty much game over. If it was a vaginal prolapse, that's mighty bizarre.

I agree with looking at nutrition, body condition and parasitism for the cause. Ask the vet!

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