cows dropping dead

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I have an emergency. I have lost two excellent cows and my herd seems to be going one by one. their symptoms are. 1. black runney stool 2. very tired acting 3. (later) bloody clear discharge from rectum). 4. very stong acid smell in feces. 5. death in 24 hours after first symptoms.

Can anyone please help me. I have had a vet. come and get blood and fecal matter but the results r not back yet!! Please help

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The black stool sounds like blood being partially digested in the system. Hardware might be causing it, but is not normally found in multiple cases at once..... unless they got into a new place with metal in some feed???

Tough to diganose over the net... hope the vet can help.


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Sorry about your problem. I'm sure your vet suggested, but check the area closely for anything they could have gotten into. We had something similar in the spring and found it was a weed that had blown into our pasture in the drought. We didn't notice the symptoms, though. Just found the cows dead. We were checking everything - even chemical spills. Hope you find some answers quick. Wish you the best.

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