Cows down, cant move rear legs

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We have lost 2 yearling calves in the past 2 months. They were found down near bale feeder, moved them inside the barn. They had no problem eating grain, hay, etc. for 2 weeks until we decided to put them down. When lifting with pelvic lift we tried everything to get them to move their legs. They only shifted thier weight a couple of times and that was it. I injected Vit B every day, gave LA-200 the first day and Ivomec just in case. Sometimes wouldnt drink but put in a stomach tube when this happened (only about 2 times a week with corn syrup). The vet couldnt tell us what was wrong. Anybody else having a problem like this in Missouri or elsewhere?

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Without a post mortem or bloodwork, anything I say is a shot in the dark. I'd seriously look at a mineral deficiency--from selenium to phosphorus, and a few inbetween. Talk to your vet about testing for some mineral levels in the animals.
I know this is after the fact, but in case you ever have down calves/cows again, you must 'hang them up'. What I do is make a harness out of old sheets (yes, really), tieing them together, then wrap it around the rear and chest of the calf/cow, then loop a rope through the last knot in the sheet. Then I use a come-a-long and loop the rope over a barn rafter. Then I CAREFULLY raise the calf, making sure the weight is evenly distributed. I raise it just high enough for the calf to stand straight legged, as calves will lock their legs so they can stand. However, if the calf is not strong enough to hold his head, don't do this until he regains enough strength. You will need to move or exercise the legs while he is horizontal. If you get to hoist him up, you may need to assist his rear to balance him.

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