cows/acre in NW Illinois

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farmboy275":ou1qr8f9 said:
How many cow/calf pairs can i put on 5 acres in North Western Illinois?

Depends on a lot of different factors - to many to offer a flat number here. Stocking rate is one of those things where maybe there is no one answer. jmho.
farmboy275":2q30z1b7 said:
How many cow/calf pairs can i put on 5 acres in North Western Illinois?

I would bet you can go down any road where you live and find where you can put three, two and one. Depends on the ground.

Sounds to me like you want to run cows.

Sounds to me like you have too little land.

Put two steers out there and wait a year - that will tell you lots.

Go ahead and run what you figure you want to run and you will likely regret it - or have bone thin animals and a thin pocket book from buying feed.

Tell me you have a veterinarian that you can and WILL call. Have his number on your fridge!!!!

Keeping cows is not easy as you might think - and your question tells me you know very little.

Those dirty, old, idiot, farmers - me being one - have managed to hang on through luck and hard work - you have no idea what you are getting in to.

Get your fences and pens in order before you do anything.

Be slow at this.

Two steers only - and be ready for them.


Angus Cowman":c2rhoikj said:
Bez Said it all get all of your pens and fences in first

I sure wish I would have listened to that advice before I got my first cattle. By "fences and pens" they mean REAL fences and pens too.

That said, two sounds like a good number to start and see where it goes.