Cowboy Commandments

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Dec 27, 2003
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Cowboy Commandments:

1. Just one God

2. Put nothin before God

3. No cussin'

4. Get to Church

5. Honor your Ma and Pa

6. No Killin'

7. Don't mess with another's gal

8. Don't Steal

9. Don't lie or gossip

10. Don't hanker for yer' buddy's stuff.
Well I thought I was a cowboy but if I have to honor those commandments their's one in the there I done broke so I quess I ain' no cowboy.

Bough like that old cowboy sittin in a saloon drinkin, and this beautiful girl sits down beside him and gets to talkin to him and finally she says she's a lesbian and all she thinks about day and nite is girls, girls, girls. she then asks him if he is a cowboy, he says I thought I was but I guess I'am one of them lebian's cause all I think about is girls, girls, girls too.

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