cow with sores losing hair

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I've got a cow that has patches of skin around it's nose coming off,sores on it's rump , udders that are turning black .The back sides of the ears or full of small scabs and her nose is running. I've been treating this cow with antibiotics and it appears to be getting better ,I would like know what this is and the best way cure these symptoms.It also has a two month old calf that appears to be find

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Also may be a stab in the dark, but I would treat her with a pour on wormer and or a pour on insecticide that works on lice. Then I would also try some Listerine mouth wash in a spray bottle to treat the affected areas at least once or twice a day until the hair returns, if it is fungal, the Listerine will wipe it out, if it is from a parasite, the pour-ons will also fix it.

with the discription of black, I think you have fly bite trouble, the black is fly dirt (poop), dried blood from the flies digestion as they sit and feed.

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Could be photosynthesis. It happens when they eat a certain plant - makes them sensitive to the sun. You need to get her in a barn out of the sun for awhile - they do get better.

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