Cow threws feed into barn PROBLEM

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Mohamed Marey

May 22, 2017
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The problem started after tail amputation of a cow with tail necrosis.
This cow tried to remove flies and insects away from her body by throwing feed on her back.
Other cows in same barn developed this bad habit of throwing feed into barn although they had a normal functioned tails.
We had to sell the 1st cow but the problem stills till now and spreads to other cows in other barns by 6 % of herd.
We cannot afford to sell these cows because of their high yielding and pregnancy.
Please help me with that contagious bad habit.
Thank you.
It is a normal reaction for cows to disperse flies that land on their back with their head. When dispersing the flies with their head, saliva, grass, and feed that is in their mouth will be scattered on to the surface of their back. You are incorrect to conclude that they are doing this intentionally to waste feed.

The solution is simple: use a chemical fly control such as permethrin.

Where are you located? Based on your Arabic name, I assume you may be foreign. Do you have access to chemical fly control?
dieselbeef":19teze2q said:
um yeah..if ya didn't have flies they wouldn't be trying to get rid of them

His explanation might sound odd because he is probably foreign, it is easy to observe by his writing style.
Thanks for reply.
Yes I'm from Egypt as it seems from my writing.
We constantly use insect repellent twice daily with fogger in all farm in addition to daily cleaning of stands and barn from manure and mud.
I guess that the problem is not related to flies or mosquitoes because we see that all over the year not only at hot mosquitoes season or muddy areas.
Otherthing we found that in only 6% of herd and the pattern of spreading make us assume that the cows do this after connection with other cows already have the same problem.
I'm not a specialist in cattle behavior and i'll be glad to know your solutions.

The behavior is not a problem. Do not be concerned, cows everywhere throw their head at flies to disperse the flies.

The fogging will kill airborne flies. If you have a fly control chemical available for a direct application to the cow's back, it will improve fly control.

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