cow sucking on each other... HELP!!!

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Mar 9, 2008
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Ok ill try to make this short. My boss has 2 cows. Both around 8. Never calved(untame pets). The galloway has an udder problem. It has 2 swolen quarters and every farmer says that the scotch highland must be trying to scuck on her.

2 weeks ago i put my heifers in with them to graze summer pasture. My red heifer(simmy) is almost 2 and confirmed 5 months bred. I go to check them yesterday and see that her udder looks swolen. Not in full milk but still not her usual. She let me handle it. Still soft and plyable. Dosen't seem sore. I got "milk" out of 2 quarters and a thin brown substance out of the other 2.

What problems will this cause when she has her calf?
Should I seperate them for a few days and see if it gets better?

Any comments are appreciated! :?
if you dont pen your 2 heifers off.they will end up with ruined well as get mastitis.that heifer may already have mastitis.
If your 5month bred heifer has milk already you have serious problems. Move your animals ASAP as it is doubtful your boss will do anything with his two useless bovines being that it is his land etc.. Or if he allows put up an electric fence to separate your girls while they are in pasture..Just make sure they have zero contact with his cows..

8 yrs old never calved and still around ??????? Sounds like your boss needs a boss ...
This is so common. We see it at least once a month.

Lots of ways to solve this if you do a search.

The best way is to get rid of the sucker and the suckee.

If you are mixing herds you have just learned an important lesson about "partnerships".

One of you will have to give - it will be the person who does not own the land.

Good luck

I separated them and haltered the problem heifer. Talked to one of my dairy friends and he gave me a shot of "exceed" antibiotics and "tomorrow" to inject right into each quarter.

My boss was doing me a big favor by pasturing them. They are a school project and its a huge money saver if i don't have to feed hay all summer. Plus it lets my (small) pasture grow so they can have it when they come back.

I'm thinking they may come home this weekend if they cross the electric fence to be together.

The farmer also told me if what we gave her didn't help i could strip her and take the sample to the vets to test it. I think this treatment should be fine. We caught it early thank god.

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