Cow scouring after deworming

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Brad B

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Oct 10, 2004
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North AL
We dewormed the cows Monday afternoon and today one of them is scouring pretty bad. Should I do anything, or is this associated with the Eprinex? The other cows look fine.
I think it is pretty common. It should take care of itself within a day or two. Make sure it is getting plenty of water & hay.
Thanks Kelly,

Funny how I thought I knew more about cattle before I found this website. :lol: I've seen cows scour some after worming, but this one's the worst I've ever seen. She looks like she's just been turned in on knee deep winter grazing, but she hasn't. We haven't started feeding hay yet, the pastures are still nice and green.
The reason I said hay is because I think it helps them faster because it has less water content then grass. Just my opinion though. I also use Probios when I treat with wormer, antibiotics or vaccinate. I think it makes a difference.

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