cow peas

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Huh. Thought I'd responded several days ago, but it's not here.

I can't speak to grazing, but I&C is my favorite for eating... small peas, but great flavor. Peas shatter out if the pods are allowed to dry completely.
It is one of the most aggressively vining cowpea varieties I've grown; Red Ripper is the only other one I've grown that runs more.
Those Iron & Clay cowpeas are small enough that I'm sure you could broadcast them and disc in, but I'm sure drilling will probably give a better stand.
I planted a few lbs per acre with some sudan in 2022. It was really hot and dry so I don't feel anything did much good.
They did however get about 3 foot tall with the sudan. Took the cows a few days to start eating them but they went for the peas first on daily moves after they learned. The cows would just pick the leaves off and leave the stalks mostly untouched. They did regrow but not much, possibly due to the dry and hot weather.
I would like to try some again this year and hope for better weather.
Depends on your goals. Sorghum Sudan and Pearl Millet will produce more pounds of beef per acre....but Im a polyculture guy, and like to plant mixes. Add to those some sunn hemp, crabgrass, and a little buckwheat and your have yourself some salad bar beef. The cowpea stockpiles reasonable well if you give it time (and don't graze it too hard) for the second or third grazing in the late summer, early fall. (down here in GA at least)

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