Cow having enough milk

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Feb 5, 2004
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Eastern PA
I have a Limo that had her calf a week ago. She never sprung up and her udder looks like a dish rag. The day after it looked as though she had some milk, but the calf was knocking on death's door and had scours so I tubed fed it some electrolytes and some medicated milk replacer for two consecutive feedings. (Thursday night and Friday morning) Calf has been with mom since and appears ok, but when I see him nurse he doesn't come away with the milk mustache like the other calves . Her udder still looks wrung out. I had another fall calf that died out on pasture because his mother didn't have enough milk and don't want to lose another. They are fed well(silage and good grass hay until grass grows) Calf also refuses bottle as as a supplement. Any advice.

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