Cow has runny nose

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We have a heifer that has come down with a cold and runny nose. she is slightly off her feed (just not linking it clean as usual) I have been giving her the recommended dosage of LA 200. The weather has been unusaul in oklahoma this year. any suggestions on anything else that I can do. Are shows have started and I don't want her getting pemonia

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Frankly I don't use LA 200--it is bacteriostatic and not bacteriocidal (only slows down bacterial reproduction, doesn't kill them) and it can cause enamel hypoplasia which can lead to broken mouth later in her life.... I feel if it's worth doing, do it right! I generally will assess whether I think it's bacterial or viral, how comprimised her lungs are, I'll sometimes grab a culture on her and then treat with a stronger antibiotic if I think it's necessary to treat. I prefer Nuflor or Micotil in general. Sorry I didn't see your message sooner! V

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