cow got ran over-do I need an attorney?

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J Baxter

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May 5, 2004
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E Central Arkansas
I had a cow get run over today by a school bus full of disabled, orphaned, lesbian,black, nun, postal workers killing all inside except for Al Sharpton who was driving. They were on their way to a combination ACLU-PETA rally.

I'm really distraught over it all. I called the suicide hotline and after being put on hold three times the Doctor reviewed my story and gave me a go ahead.

Do y'all recon I need an attorney or a bullet?
You could always tell 'em you're a Democrat. They've got a different set of rules, you see. Get Jesse J to eulogize your cow and a big government program to buy you a bigger, better one. They'll let you off the hook if you're one of 'em. On second thought? Lloyd's right. Take the bullet!
What happened to the cow? Seeing as they were going to a PETA rally that might be the deciding factor.

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