Cow Down and Will Not Bear Weight

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I am hoping someone can help. My In-laws have had poor luck when they play veterinarian and I do not want to lose another one. We have Angus cow down. She was found spread out on all fours. We put her in the barn but she has been down for a week now and is still not bearing any weight. They have put ropes under her and lifted her and she absolutely will not attempt. Last time this happened my husband made a hoist and this wound up doing more damage to the cow. I am at a loss. She eating some but is real thin. The strange thing is that she has some spunk in her. Has anyone ever experienced this and if so how did you resolve it? I welcome ALL comments!
If your cow is that weak she will probably die dispite all your efforts. Is she an old cow? You need to figure out how she got so weak. Has she been getting adequate nutrition? The best thing may be to just put her out of her misery.
Well to answer the first question. They do call a Vet out for what they consider serious cases. With all of the Agriculture degrees in the family I suppose they believe they can handle it on their own. However, through prior history it would be in the best interest of the calves to call the Vet out. I am happy to report that the cow is now trying to bear weight and showing improvement. The family has been working with her daily and she does show signs of improvement. We still do not know what caused this. Thanks for comments.

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