Cow bred or not?

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I have a cow that calved Oct. 12, 2003. Around the middle of December she was rebred, or at least I thought she was from observance. Today my 3 year old black angus bull broke through a fence and is trying to breed her again. I know a cow will cycle every 21 to 27 days until bred. My question is this: If the cow was bred in December, what would be causing the bull to be trying to breed her and is it possible that she has cycled each month without being bred? For sure the bull is a better judge of her heat cycle than I am. She is a good cow that throws great calves. Thanks for the help.[/i]
Sometimes cows, at least ours, appear to come into heat about midway through pregnancy. If she never actually stands for the bull she is not in heat.

The only way to know if she is bred for sure is to have her palpated.
It is very possible that she didn't breed the first time and has been cycling about every 3 weeks without you noticing her. Is she running with other cattle. You could have her palpated to see if she is safe in calf.
The bull may have been trying to jump her and not being successful either.
Normally our cows will cycle every 18 to 21 days. Sometimes as soon as 17 days and very seldom 22 days. As we are on a complete AI program we have to watch them very closely and keep accurate records.
how can you tell if a cow is cycling? what are the obvious signs? I've had my cows for a couple of months now and havent noticed anything out of the ordinary with them in that time, so what shoulf I be looking for?>

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