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> What age should you take a cow out
> of your herd?

Simplistic Answer: When she fails to produce a viable and quality calf every year. Or, has calving problems that require pulling the calf, milking problems, mothering problems, attitude problems.

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Bill, i'm surprized, you didn't say anything about LongHorns being the longest producers, easiest calving and have the biggest/best calves than the other breeds!

Just pulling you chain a little ...

I check the teeth and when she starts loosing them, I get rid of her. I have one now (braford) only 11 years old with only two teeth left, after she raises this calf I'll sell her.
Right On! You're completely right on their attributes! I just didn't want to keep repeating myself too often on these boards about attributes of Texas Longhorns. Think the breed is gradually gaining a touch more respect (very slow of from the other breed's breeders.

I can only emotionally handle only about one unkind reply to my soap-boxing about Longhorns about once a!

The died-in-the wool English and Continental and Cross-Breed people will continue with their programs (especially if their programs are working for them and are profitable). Then there are others, newbies, and so forth that are willing to try something else for whatever reason or goal.

LONG LIVE TEXAS LONGHORNS! (More truth than fiction in this proclamation)... lol.

P.S.: to the other breeds-- How many of those breeds calve with a quality, live, and healthy when the dam is in her late teens or early twenties???? Food for thought!

Peace to all!

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One method is to sell an old cow when her calf is not as good as the calves that the first calf heifers are raising. If you're using bulls with good EPDs you should be raising heifers that will be better producers than their dams. Good luck...
This past year we sold two 20 year old angus cows and had 3 18 and 19 year old charlois cows die. All of these cows were producing good calves until they went. One of the angus cows had a set of twins two breeding seasons ago and bred back and had another calf in 10 months. It's not just the longhorns that live long and produce. Most of its the care the cows get after the get over 12 or so that decided there next couple years. Just something to think about...

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