Couple of new calves..

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Jul 2, 2012
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Central Texas
Both of these are out of the same sire and maternal grand sire. These babies are 3/4 Simbrah and 1/4 Beefmaster.

Really like how the momma of the black calf has done..this is her third calf about 2 weeks before turning 4 years of age.

The little red heifer was born 4 days before she could have even been born...assuming her momma was bred on the day we put her with the bull. She is a first calf heifer and already has the "I am hiding my baby from you" down pat. I knew she had the baby...the wife and I walked for about 2 hours and she never gave us a clue and you can see how tall the grass was. I had to get back to the office and about 30 minutes later the wife calls and said it just stood up, hollered for momma and latched on...of course we had both walked by her about a dozen times.

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