Country cattle visit the city park...and the grass was good!

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Sep 11, 2007
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Southeastern,TN. USA
Just as dessert was finished after dinner we see this silver Toyota 4-runner coming down our 1000ft driveway. Guy says "Do you have cows"? "Yes" . "Well, there are about 10 over in the park". WHAT? Hubby comes in the house to tell me the good news. I hit the ground running for the feed buckets. Off we go, he in the truck down the road headed toward the city park. Me to the lawn tracker with the hay buggy attached, which is what I take a little feed on every morning to see my motley crue. I head toward the largest creek in our county. It runs north to south and is not only my eastern property line .It is also the line that divides the county and city in this area.
When I get there I walk the creek looking for the break in the fence and call for my herd. They hear me and bawl back heading my way. I end up walking across that creek....barefooted cause I had my new shoes on, all the while thinking about that HUGH snapping turtle we tossed back in after it came in the field just before hay cutting time. I wondered if he was still ill over the olympic diving we forced him to do. Hey, What about all the glass bottles I had seen floating down that creek over the years?
Well, I got across and and through all the heavy brush and bryers to walk straight onto a paved walkway amist bicycles, runners, speed walkers and my herd in the middle looking at me and eating grass. They followed me back into the "Forest", we went back across the creek and into the county together. It was like bringing home the prodical son(S).
I bet somebody thinks they had a sighting of the old world and are looking for my portal right now.
I will pay extra for grain ANYDAY to be able to catch 14 head of cattle and bring the back home in 45 minutes! We even beat the police. Our friend passed them, looking for the cows, as he was leaving the park.
This weekend I will be buying fence (hot wire) and making sure the ladies think twice about wanting to visit the city park again!
Oh come on, they need a little vacation once in awhile too. :D :D

We had a cow years ago that would crawl through any fence, but we would go out and drop the wire's and yell for her. She would walk right through and stop for you to give her a back scratch. We had to ship her because she was teaching the rest of the cows how to get out. :(
A $7.00 sack of feed and some well trained cows can save you $$$$$ hours $$$$ of time chasing cows. I don't chase - they follow...
Hey Barnscopp,
Much as we talked about the grass fed thing I keep mine rotten to range cubes. And I always will. Had to fetch'em from a subdivision behind me after hurricane Gustav layed a couple of trees over one of the fences. Rounded'em up and walked'em back through the gap like I was the Pied Piper of cows,... and one bull. Now when they're in that pasture, the neighbor kids, of parents that I know, feed'em cheerios through the fence.
Cute story..Trained feed cows are priceless when you want to move them in a hurry..

I wish we lived closer to town as I would purposely let mine eat in the park ...One more county declared a disaster area today due to the drought and the rain that came through yesterday missed us. BUT the kicker is there are frost warnings for tonight AGAIN..
Pied Piper of cows....thats a good one. I guess that was me yesterday. Oh yeah, The bull was in their too. Our "City" friend that ate dinner with us and helped stear the crew in the right direction ask my husband "Hey, is that bull in here"? with a pale face and wide eyes. Husband says "Yeah, but he wont hurt you". Our young bull just follows his ladies, he's not much of a leader yet. That was a good thing yesterday.
I'm glad you got them back without incident. What surprises me is that the 70 mile rule did not apply in your situation. Normally mine are fine till I get about that far away then something always happens. :oops:
BARNSCOOP":3sq8geps said:
What is the 70 mile rule?

I equate it to one of Murphey's Laws. Whenever you get at least 70 miles from your farm something will go wrong. Well will break, cows will get out, tree will fall on fence, etc. My existence with the cattle is pretty mundane until I get 70 miles away then all heck will break loose. I don't think I'm the only one who has noticed this phenomena.
Jo- I've seen you mention the 70 mile rule before and I can't rightly agree with your math as either our cows can see farther or are more attuned to my disposition because mine are fine until I am @120 miles from home and know it will take me at least two hours to get home. :D

Barnscoop- Isn't it great when you get cattle back in before the Sheriff even arrives? Glad everything worked out okay.
Jogeephus":17g9qyuw said:
Its amazing how they know when you are out of town.

I've noticed that mine stand at the fence to see if I put a suitcase in the vehicle. If I do, you see them go back under the trees laughing and plotting what they're going to do soon... :mrgreen:
grannysoo":e3wa20z8 said:
Jogeephus":e3wa20z8 said:
Its amazing how they know when you are out of town.

I've noticed that mine stand at the fence to see if I put a suitcase in the vehicle. If I do, you see them go back under the trees laughing and plotting what they're going to do soon... :mrgreen:

When I go any distance I have 3 people who keep an eye out for me and one primary person in charge. This person is given the numbers of an electrician, well man, plumber and those who he can call for extra hands. It never fails that something will go wrong when I get at least 70 miles out so I just plan for it.

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