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Jan 15, 2004
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China Spring, TX
I have a steer calf that has been on feed for appox 60 days. I plan to keep him on another 30-60 days and was wondering about feed options. Currently he is getting about 15 lbs a day (split into 2 feedings) of a beef builder product, which is a sweet feed with about 12% protien, 10% fiber. He also gets a flake of hay 2 times a day. Towards the last 30 days I plan to add in some cracked corn to put on more fat (steer calf is a Longhorn).

A friend of mine was checking out some processing places around the area, and one of them said to feed cottonseed and/or cottonseed hulls because we could get it locally for $100/ton, and it would put the weight on.

I was kind of leary of this suggestion, thinking that
- Cotton seed hulls would only be a good source of fiber and would not put much weight on
- Cottonseed or cottonseed hulls should only be fed in smaller amounts as a supplement to other feeds.

I guess my question is, is there any benfit (if I can get it cheap enough) to feeding cottonseed or cottonseed hulls when feeding out calves for butcher? If so, how much should I feed and should it be feed alone or with other products?
We have fed cottonseed before and it is good feed. I would recommend feeding the delinted whole seed. They seem to like it better and it really sticks with them. I can't tell you on fattening them. We just supplement a couple of pounds per day.

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