Cotton seed hulls???

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Jun 16, 2004
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I work in the Oilfield, Sometimes on jobs where we are "losing returns",
The formation we are drilling thru is sucking all of the fluids that are being pumped down.
They pump "Lost circulation Material' down the hole.( Cotton seed hulls),can I use this for cattle??
I mean the stuff comes out to the location in a Semi -Truck load. In hundred pound sacks.There are no chemicals.
Is this the same cotton seed hulls that ya'll are talking about???
I've wondered about that before. I don't know, but considering some of the exotic materials they use in drilling I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same thing. That, along with crushed walnut shells, glass beads, etc. make for some strange recipes. Of course some of that is for frac jobs instead of lubricants.

Cotton seed hull, penut hull, all of this is in most cattle feed with ground ear corn, and ground hay with syrup.

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