Cotton harvest

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Most of what I see now is the round bales. There are some modular (?) rigs and trucks still around though. Those picking by hand reminded me of stories my grandpa used to tell me about them picking back in the day. He said they would take Dad to the field when he was a baby. He'd get tired and lay down on my great grandma's sack and she would drag him while she picked. Had to be tough back then. I remember the old "m" ? type pickers, but maybe not one row, when I little. Single rear wheel in back.
When you getting one Jed?

My favorite picture of my Grandpa picking cotton, hand rolled cigarette in his mouth, and me riding on the sack. Times have changed.

One of my favorite memories is riding around our area on my little Honda at night, and the pickers like tall mentioned picking cotton. I could smell the cotton in the air.
Everything around here is still put up in the big modules. First round bales I ever saw were over in the Natchitoches, Louisiana area.
Still modules out here too. On our hay ground here in California, we actually have a 480 of ours the next couple years planted to cotton as a rotational crop. We don't have pickers etc. though. One of my best friends, best man in my wedding etc. though, is from a predominantly cotton farming family in our area. We hire him to take care of picking etc. that block of cotton for us.
Those John Deere round module builders are some amazing machines. We think we have to put out a lot of money on combines. Combines don't come close to what they cost. I guess they take the place of several men and machines.

Do you have one of those Jed or do you run CaseIH?
Has anyone heard if CaseIH is trying to make a round module builder?
I don't have one yet. Rented one last year and think I'll do the same this year.
The make it a whole new ballgame. I used to not one 6 row picker, two module builders, one bill buggy and a herd of people. Would hire anyone that wanted a job cause they would steady quit, get fired, not show up some days. I never knew what kind of crew I'd have every morning.
With a bailer picker it's just me. My son moves bales after school.
Used to when we finished a field after dark we shut down because moving that circus was bad enough in the light much less at night. Most stuff is torn up on the moves. (We're dealing with extreamly unemployable people on a module crew)
Now if I finish one I just put it in transport and go.

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