Cost of a DA surgery

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Oct 20, 2008
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Have you ever had a DA and actually called the vet out to do surgery? If so, how much did it cost? If you don't mind sharing, anyways. At the farm where I work, the vet just came out and did a surgery on a two year old Holstein who just calved and I heard through the grapevine that it cost 6K. I know its a pretty delicate procedure but that seems like a lot...the cow definitely isn't worth that much! Just curious.
That sounds extremely steep, the last one we had done was about ten years ago and it was around 175 plus mileage, and our vet fees are always higher than yours in the states..I find it unlikely that it would have gone up that much in price..
ive never heard of a DA that cost 6 grand to fix.but i know around here they arnt to high.we never had a DA in 27yrs of milking.
About $150. The 6k would be rediculus. The vet that I shadow does them almost daily when new silage is coming out of the fields. It's always interesting to watch, if the vet has much experience with DA's it should only take a few minutes. Stiching them back up seems to take the longest out of the whole procedure.

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