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Jul 11, 2007
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Lawrence , KS
were remodeling our barn , the horse barn , and need to buy about 20 corral panels , anybody have a source they have used to save some dollars. don't need cattle type strength but before i go drop 90-100 bucks a pop thought i might ask you experts. I'm in kansas. Thanks in advance for any tips !
Call Allen Bro. Pannel in Sherdin AR. 870-669-4406. They have good prices on new and seconds, don't know about shipping to KS. but you can ask. They haye prices on the web just do a search, cain't rember site.
I use W W Livestock panels. Have been for 15 yrs. I used to use economy gates and panels that wrap up like paper when cattle or horses or pickup got into them. But since going to the heavy duty corral panels and gates, I don't have a gate or panel on the place with dent in them.. Well I do have 1. My nephew was helping me set some gates about a month ago. We used a skid steer to make a trench to bury the high tensile coated wire that goes from one side of gate to other. He wanted to back fill the trench and was showing off and caught the bottom corner of the gate and put a dent in it with the bucket. It didn't even crease the tube. I tried to take the bucket and push back down to straighten it out and couldn't do it. It was close to the hinge and wouldn't budge. Those are some super duper tough panels. They are expensive, but they are 20+ yr gates. They are 2 times heaver than any I have tried before also, so make sure your post are drove into the ground or concreted. I haven't replaced the first gate yet and it is over 15 yrs old. I also have the galvenized horse stalls from W W as well. The new gates are pre-galvenized. Not dipped. They are awesome.
Watch auctions. You can generally get them for 60% of new price. Be careful though, I have seen used stuff bring more at auctions than brand new stuff.
Cattle panels are one of those things I wouldn't skimp on. The more expensive ones have shown to be worth the extra for us, just in strength and how long you can use them. Some of the cheaper ones we've bought have had the welds break after just a year or so. Nothing that was caused by stress or cattle running through them, just cheap workmanship.
I'm going to check out this one in kansas , not far away from my daughter down at K-State, thanks for all the contacts and advice.Most of our usage is for turnouts and I can buy the good ones here in town. Auctions around here seem to only be attended by really stupid people , panels go for new prices and over.

thanks folks !

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