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OK this has nothing what so ever to do with cattle but besides trapping does anyone ideas for keeping racoons out of my garden? They are my sweet corn and watermelons. Thanks in advance!!!
On a serious note, plain ole human p p . "from one end of the row to the other". That is, depending on how big your garden of sweet corn might be.
Those rascals will clean a whole row at night without even taking a deep breath.
We had to use the spotlight, 12 ga., #4 shot. We called it a pre emt strike. I heard that from someone the other day. :lol:
Or, let some coon hunters have a good time. Then the dogs might do worst than a coon on your row of corn.

Good luck.
Go to the salon, NOT saloon, but the hair place and ask them to save some clipings for you, keeps rabbits, out of the garden!
You can borrow my 13 year old deaf, toothless, only three good legs Australian Shepherd. He is a coon's worst nightmare. It's not fangs, but sheer will and heart that does the varmints in! (Shoulda seen this old dog kick a pit-cross's butt!) I really don't know why this dog is still alive. I am glad I have his daughter. She is a demon dog to intruders too. Possum, coon and skunk killers, in the yard and ranch. No predators to be seen (just heard) and they are in good company now with my LGDs. Also, try peeing in the garden.

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