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Apr 28, 2005
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when you are cooking pies.never take them hot out of the oven an sitt them on a glass platter to cool.because the heat will break the mom did that a while she broke a big glass platter half in 2.
I recently observed someone storing Fritos in the fridge :help: ...... but it seems to keep them fresh (albeit cold) :nod:
Hubby brought about 20 bags of borrelnootjes (coated peanuts, really really good not like the ones you get here) back from Holland last spring and we kept them in the freezer to stay fresh, worked great.

Doritos and potato chips don't last long enough around here to need refrigeration.. :help:

On a side note I keep all my perfume in the refrigerator so it stays the same consistency/potency..
Cooking tips - at home

1. Stay out of her way.
2. Eat what she makes and do not complain.
3. Help her bring in the groceries.
4. Buy her a dish washer when the kids move out.
5. Help yourself to anything in the fridge - it is already cooked.
6. Be sure to be close to the table when a meal is served.
7. Open any jars that are sealed too tight for her.
8. Be sure to compliment the cook at least once a week.

While camping - Use the paper and cardboard that the food is wrapped in to start the fire.

Merry Christmas. :D


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