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Only have 10 acres to work with and currently 7 cows...problem I'm having is that they really tear the place up around the mineral feeder and hay ring. Wet area has worsened a footrot problem on one cow already..other than continuing to throw down some straw is there anything you guys suggest? I'd rotate the mineral feeder and hay ring around but seems like everything would like a mud hole in short order. Thanks!

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Consider building a concrete pad to put the hay ring on. Make it big enough to allow the cows to stand around the ring. A roof could be built over it on metal poles in the cement. The area around the concrete may still be muddy, but the cows won't be standing in it.

The cost might seem high at first, but it is a project that will last for many many years.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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>Here in the N>east I pull the cows into a sacrafice paddock the hay feeders are on a strip of geotextile with 4 to 6 inch rock capped with crushed concrete dust this is the first year so Ill see how it does, Less expensive than concrete though

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