Concened about flys on feed

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Jul 1, 2004
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East of Dallas Texas
Is there any reason to be concerned about fly feces or other fly contact related issues in feed? Sometimes the calves don't finish their morning ration and it sets in the feed bunk throught the day. I've seen as many as maybe 200 flys on the feed during the day and have always wondered if there might be a health issue associated with it.
yes, I did that for awhile but I prefer to let them eat as much as they want. I negelected to mentionin in my last post that these are penned calves that I am finishing out and hence want them to put away the feed. The reason I stopped limiting their feed is that I noticed they actually consumed about 15% more feed in a days time when I didn't limit it. Also, I had read somewhere that at feedlots they have bunker patrols whose job was to make sure the cattle always had something to eat in the bunker. Not that they kept the bunkers full, they just made sure something was always in them. I am using 3 fly traps around the pen where the calves can't get to them and they are working great. A couple of hundred flies aren't many at all, but I'm just not sure about any implication on the calves health with them in the feed.

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