Composite Registry - 5th Anniversary

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Feb 20, 2011
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West Central Missouri
The Composite Registries (Beef and Dairy) have turned 5 years old. We have come a long way since we started. We have provided export certificates for animals being exported to other countries. We have had bulls registered with us enter into bull studs, have semen exported to Russia, Netherlands, Turkey and other European countries. Member in the UK has exported semen the US and Australia. Genomics testing has worked. With our dairy registry, we have developed the North American Red Dairy Breed. On the Ayrshire / Red breeds list of elite cows, 85 of the top 100 animals are registered with the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry. North American Red bulls have entered into bull studs and out of the top 100 Ayrshire / Red Breeds bulls, we have 10 bulls on the list.

Our registry is open to any breed or composite. Our registration papers for beef animals have been accepted by the majority of shows for the AOB classes without any problems.

Our papers document the actual breed composition and percentages.

In our rules it states that dams that are going to be flushed are to be parentage verified. We have had 3 cows that did not match their parentage. One of them has been resolved. The other 2 the previous owners are not being very cooperative in trying to resolve this issue.

We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of the beef and dairy breeders. Our websites are and

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