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Apr 16, 2008
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I usually use dexamethazone sodium phosphate but now have procured some dex/trimethylacetate. How is this different from dex? Can I use it for the same applications? No veterinary advice available, being in a remote location, I got it through a friend. I use dex occasionally for inducing very overdue heifers but otherwise for anti-inflammatory treatment etc.
I'm not a vet or a biochemist -- but near as I can tell by googling it, trimethylacetate is just the carrier that dexamethasone is mixed with. Same concept as sodium phosphate being mixed with dex in what you usually use. I'd think you could use the new stuff the same way you've used your other dex in the past. Several sources mentioned dex trimethylacetate being used to induce parturition, so it evidently has the same action. Was there no label attached to the bottle? As I said, I'm not a vet (yet) but I do think it should be okay to use in the same way you've used dex in the past. I'd use it. Do check to make sure the amount of dex in the bottle (in grams) is the same as the dex NaP you usually use so you don't overdose or underdose.
Many thanks MM. I had googled it also but found it hard to sift through the info!
Working on a paper... I ran across some more info for you on dex trimethylacetate: ... gnancy.htm

Scroll down to the part about inducing parturition. Dex trimethylacetate is a long-acting corticosteroid, lower incidence of retained fetal membranes, higher incidence of calf mortality, longer range of parturition (4-26d) compared to the standard (NaP?) dex (24-72h).
Many thanks for that very important information MM. That's just what I wanted to know. So I won't use it for inducing heifers, I want my calves alive! The dex was posted to me by a feedlot worker where they give it to heifers being inducted into the lot - I guess it doesn't matter to them if the calves are dead, they don't want them anyway.

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