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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
When there were far fewer people visiting these boards then there are now, there used to be some pretty interesting/informative/entertaining discussions. It was done without the tone that things degraded to in the past month or so.

That said, lets get back to being what I and many others consider the premier cattle board on the net!

The tone has improved since Macon banned all political talk. Of course there will be fewer post but they should stay on subject.
I agree with dun. This is the best cattlesite on the net. I don't care how seasoned or how green you are there is something new you can learn here everyday. I really hated to see the board fall off. Some of ya'll guys (all genders) amaze me with the depths of your knowledge. We all can't agree on everything all of the time, but we can agree on one thing and that is that we love raising cattle and the way of life it represents.

I also agree with dun,
There is not a better more informitive livestock site on the web, that coming from a "Green Horn" such as myself. It does seem like it had de-railed there for a while but now that it is back on the right track, it is (our) responsibility to ensure that we keep it here, just ignore the switchman/lady when they attempt for it to go down an alternate track.

No wat I meen ? 2short[/u][/b]
Mahoney Pursley Ranch":3uf6j151 said:
Although the rules are needed It will dampen the spirit and number of posts.

I teach in a school district with approximately 600 students. Our Student Handbook and Discipline Guide has about 25 pages of rules, written for a couple dozen of our finest. :lol: I'll give you three guesses which kids don't care about or follow those rules and the first two don't count!
cherokeeruby":qa1xrlwd said:
football players and cheerleaders
AKA Popular or Jocks..... If you wanna see different type of "social groups" visit any high school in this country (much worse in inner city schools)! High Schools are the only time in your life you have to go through the pecking order... The corporate world is pretty much the same; just not as messy!
God, I do NOT miss High School!
Hmm.... I must have missed it as well! I don't read the political posts either.. I get enough controversy in my JOB, don't need it on the cattle boards also!

But I agree.. this is the best board around!

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