Colt's leg

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Sep 7, 2004
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Not sure if it's a colt or filly, bear with me, if I don't know the sex of an animal I have a bad habit of just saying "she".

I ran into one of my neighbors this morning and he has a 6 or 7 month old colt that when he checked her this morning she is limping on one of her back legs and won't put any weight on it. The leg isn't swollen or doesn't have any broken bones, but it has already gone cold. We were wondering what you guys opinion was on this? We are assuming that the mare kicked her and possibly she has a clot blocking the blood flow to her leg. What do you think?

When I left, he was putting her in the trailer to haul her to the vet, but, I told him that I would post the question and get him some feedback. So if anyone else has every had this, let us know?
Never mind. Ran into one of his kids this afternoon. Said that the vet was doing some kind of therapy on the colt or filly and is suppose to do surgery later. He couldn't remember what the vet had called the problem, said it was one of those big words.
lol The big words are always best to use with there clients I suppose. Big words go hand in hand with big bills for us. Bigger words = bigger bills. Seems liek anyway.

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