Colts and Chargers

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crossbreed curt

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Mar 16, 2006
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:cry2: Did anyone whatch the colts game last night? It made me sick.I am a colts fan myself. Last night we COULDN'Tplay defence. What are your thinkings. :frowns: :( :cry2: :cry2:
I'm a Bears fan, but I root for the Colts too because they're only a couple of hours away from me and they get a lot of media coverage around here. I was really surprised at the outcome. The Colts were red hot coming into this game and, even though SD had been playing well lately, I expected the Colts to take care of them fairly easily. It was a great game to watch.

One more thing. I think the NFL seeding system needs to be revamped. I just don't agree that an 8-8 team should get to play at home against a 12-4 team, even if they did win a division. I guess nothing they would come up with would be perfect, but that just don't seem right.
I'm VERY glad there won't be a ALL MANNING Superbowl. I see WAY to much Payton stuff as it is. :roll:

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