Colt Doesn't Want to Get Out of Trailer

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My 8 month old Peruvian Paso colt is a real good guy and has had one month basic training by a Peruvian trainer. When loading him in a trailer, he looks at it for about a minute and then just hops right in. NOW, when it's time to UNLOAD he doesn't want to get out (he knows how to back up and we practice this frequently on the ground) :?

Any suggestions?
Does the trailer have a front entery door?? If so just walk in and stand in front of him and back him out. You could also rig the trailer up so he is backed in. It also could be some mental thing about how you've trained him to back up.
Our trailers are rear entry only. The only thing I can think of was his very first experiences with trailer before we took him for training is that he was fed in the trailer to prepare him for loading for the trip to trainer. He may have fixated on that process.
Bill I have come across that a time or two. Mostly because the horses were fed in the trailer.I use a simple reverse process ask the colt to load and then ,take a can of sweetmix and rattle it when he hops out feed a little in a bucket. Ask him to load again then do it a couple more times he will get the hang of it. after a while He will assocate the word back up and will back out for the treat. As always stay calm and be reassuring..
Best to you and Happy New Year Cindy

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