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Jul 14, 2007
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What happens whan a calf doesn't get enough colostrum. will they eat less. cause i had a calf and the mother didnt have any milk so we have to bottle feed it and it drank 4 pints of the bagged colostrum and since them he wont drink any milk replacer. we have to force it down him so what should i do?
the amount of colostrum won't determine how much the calf eats in the future-but it gives the calf passive immunity to protect its fragile immune system until it is about 6 months old. It is really important for the calf to get enough colostrum and in a timely manner so you should definitely keep an eye on this one since he didn't. Keep things clean to reduce the chance of bacterial infections and keep working the feed into it.
4 pints of colostrum is enough. Normally a healthy calf has no trouble taking the milk replacer. You have a weak calf there. Give it electrolytes and a nutritional boost. You can buy these products at the farm supply. The calf will also likely get scours. I would put it on medicated milk replacer the next day after electrolytes and nutrition treatment. Or Oxtetracycline bolus.

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