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Dec 26, 2003
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Gastonia, NC
If you have to give a calf colostrum, when do you stop giving it? After 1 or 2 feedings or is it a length of time like days?

A calfs digestive system cannot absorbe the anitbodies after 24 hours of age. But, if you have some extra , I've never seen the harm in feeding it for seve4ral days. This is just a personal thing, but I thing the added nutrition of the stuff sure can't hurt and maybe even helps give them a little boost. My old mentor used to feed it for 3 days, had very few sick calves and they seemed to alwasy do well. I wouldn't go buy the stuff, but if it's available, why not feed it?

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D.R. Cattle":2h5s9o1h said:
Hey Dun what's with the "Old Goat"?
With out a doubt the first milk or colostrum is the most important thing that you can give a calf
Do most of you keep colostrum on hand during calving season? Also, can it be purchased from feed stores or TSC as some type of mix?
I agree with dun on the feeding period.

I wouldn't buy much ahead of time. It's not hard to come by, but you could keep a bag on hand just in case your luck is like mine and you need some on a saturday night and the feed store doesn't open until monday.
I try to keep a pack of colostrum mix on hand especially when we have heifers expecting their first calf, If we're there we like to give them some right away , sometimes the heifer doesn't get the calf drinking as soon as she should . the colostrum mix also gives you some extra e-coli protection as well
We use a bolus for our colostrum on new calves , morning and evening for two days but only if the calf has trouble getting hooked up with their Momma.


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