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Jan 2, 2007
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We have always used Clostrx and went in feed store last week to find they have and upgraded "plus" formula now. (Double the price) So start the feller out on it and nothing.... long story short after a few days of this figured calf's gonna die if we don't change something. So back to feed store, get another brand, MUCH BETTER! BUT....... Not near what the "old Colostrx' was.

Any suggestions?? I guess Schering-Plough made the old stuff and Agrilabs is making this new "plus crap" Just thought I would drop in and set this on some other minds for their input.
I've use the Colostrx Colostrum replacement and it works good for me. At about $22. for one dose is kinda spendy. :shock: What do they do to improve it? Add medication? or nutrients? What is the cost for the improved stuff?
I'm going to suggest that it's most likely not the colostrum replacements' fault the calf is not doing well. I've been using one form or another of the stuff for 15 - 20 years, and haven't ever lost a calf because I thought the supplement wasn't adequate.

I've used the "original" stuff in the blue and white bag, and now have a couple of the newer versions. I've got a bottle calf right now that is almost two week old, and she's doing great.

It may be some other problem with your calf.
Colostrx is not the same good formula! If you are lucky you could get hold of old supply, but the new supply litterly STINKS! We have used it for over 20 years. We have been calving since Feb. three late cows left to go. The Colostrx formula has been changed, and it's horrible stuff. We always used a wire whisk and whipped it up real easy in a 5 quart pail with warm water. It "use to" smell good enough to drink yourself, like milk, and it "use to" mixed real nice without lumping. It "use to" feed fine through a fluid feeder too. USE TO! Now it just plain stinks (has a yuck smell), lumps no matter what we use to mix it short of an electric blender (which you really should buy one if you want to use the product now) so will often plug a fuild feeder. But, we can say none of the calves died from it, from the last three stinky, lumpy, lot numbers we have use of the product.

We did complain to the company, and they are aware of the problem from the many other complaints coming in. Why they changed from a good thing, we were not told. We were not assured either, that they would change the formula back either. They really need more complaints from us cattlemen :cboy: if we want that good old quality product back. If you don't like it either, here is the URL to complain to: and click on their "Contact Us" link.
I have noticed that it REALLY mixes hard. Smell :shock: Any good colostrum is not going to smell good. Most milk replacer manufactures do put this vanilla smell to it, but that is for you not the calf.
I was thinking the same thing! In all the years I've raised bottle calves, I've always noticed the colostrum supplement smells yucky! And for years it's been thick and "pasty".. not like milk replacer, which always smells sweet. (Vanilla??? Yummm...)

There are two or three other colostrum replacements out now. "Immu Start 50" is what I've been using, but I do also have Colostix. There's another new product called "Live Bac" that is supposed to be better than the others (aren't they all?) but I haven't used it yet. And it's pricey!
Back to the original post.
Colostrix or any of the suppliments (I use Life Line) you purchase in the local store, are just that a SUPPLIMENT. They do not REPLACE the good old momma's colostrum. You can purchase (really expensive) REPLACEMENT from a vet.
But, none of these products are supposed to be used after 24 hours. After 24 hours, they just need a good milk replacer. You are wasting your money on purchased colostrum after 24 hours. And, colostrum is a slight laxative.
What is wrong with your calf? Why is it not nursing mom?

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