Coloration of Jersey crossbreds

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Jerseys crossed with Holsteins tend to be blotchy marked rather then spotted. Usually real obviosu in the legs
I have found that
Cross Hereford they start out normal red colour and generally get darker and go brindle
Cross Red Angus they start out like normal red angus calves,and turn a darker red and can go brindle aswell.Get the black masks around their faces like a jersey.
Cross Black Angus they start looking like normal Angus but turn into a dirty browny colour with the dark mask around their face.
Cross Friesian, anything from straight brown/black to mottled colour
Missy, did the Hereford crosses all have a white face?
I had a number of cows crossed that way when I bought them three years back, and saw everything from full white face to not even a spot of white - just a red calf. But I never saw the bull(s).

Angus crosses I've seen a few brindle at birth, but Jerseys tend to throw a brown calf and crossbred (HFxJ) a black one.

HolsteinFriesian x Jersey seems to come in every colour and type combination you can think of. The little black ones with Friesian heads are the ugliest... Black is common. Black and white also. Black with splashes of white. Chocolate brown all over. Tan and white. Go a further cross to Jersey and the dark reds start showing up, or chocolate Jerseys.
Got two BSx heifers to the same dam - a little black cow who's almost pure Jersey. One is light brown, the other mid-grey.
I Have added some pics below of a couple or Jersey Hereford crosses i have. I have seen them look totally like a hereford,down to having tiny bit of white splashed over their faces



With Mumma
Love the colour on that top calf.
So the white face isn't a certainty on that cross - yet it's given as the main reason to choose Hereford for dairy cattle.
One issue with crossbreeding is that there's few breeds that are distinctly not crossbred dairy at a few hours old - Angus is usually full black and polled, Hereford should have the white face.
Yeh she was a great colour!
I personally love the hereford cross as they always seem to do well. They grow the quickest and are just tough little buggers :D
I don't care much for the angus cross jersey, i don't like angus at the best of times and i find that when crossed with jersey they just don't grow as well and always have that funnel butt thing going on.
I am in the process of buying a semen tank and i am looking about for some semen for the nurse cows. Anything but angus as we have our own angus cattle :nod:
Our cross bred Jerseys usually go
Angus x black - slight brindle
Holstein x calves born Jersey colour, tend to normally go dark not black but a very dark brown
Gurnsey x these calves will almost always have some brindle wither its just a small mark on the flanks, face or legs to being completly brindle
Highland x Angus x Jersey very different shaped head & a very hairy underbelly - she just looks different still waiting for the horn developement & dna results.
Jersey x Jersey can breed anything from the golden honey colour to almost black to white, broken coloured to very dark red & you can get the dun colour.
Our rule of thumb is if we see a broken coloured calf that is just born 9 times from 10 it will be a bull calf :nod:
Have never had hereford crosses but am breeding a few to Dexter bull

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