Color Blindness Test

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CattleAnnie":w2rssj1b said:
Holy cow! Like I needed any more gray hairs!!!!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Take care.

Not bad Annie. I had to change my drawers. :eek: :oops:
That was good! I wish my speakers would have been on the first time. I have had a couple of these type of things e-mailed to me, where do people get them?

Roll Tide
Stupid me! I should have read the other posts before I clicked into it. I had my speaked turned on right in the middle of the office, and I added my own little sream to go along with it. I got more then a few unaproving looks :(
You got me too :shock: You should be ashamed :p When my heart stops pounding, I'll finish reading the posts.
I had my wife take the test with no warning. She just now let back into the house after she chased me out. I don't know who was more scared her at the end of the test or me after she got over being scared. :D
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that got startled :shock: But I thought it would be a good joke since it's so close to holloween.

Yes JB I even scared myself in seeing how awful I look ;-)

But before the "cute" photo I tried every which way to get a number out of that circle. Crossed my eyes, squinted and then gave up and left the thing blank. On top of it I was listening to music on the head phones then that noise came on.