Cold Mountain

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Apr 21, 2004
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Hey Ellie May! I seen this movie tonight and I had enjoyed it! It is on my list of favorites! One thing I like about the movie is they (the producers) didn't hide facts about the lives of the 1860's..... In the past, movies in those era made the women seems so feeble and as they put it "docile"...even in westerns... In "Cold Mountain", they portraited how women lived in those was a first in the movie industry to share this view..
Anyways, I got a kick out what the old hermit said to Inman "Bird's have its job, ****'s have its job, weed's have its job....poor beauty, you did your job (referring to her goat she just killed)". Also got a real kick out of the Ruby character.....I get a kick out of her "number one....number two....number three..." she makes a list out of everything.... If y'all haven't seen it yet, what you waiting for? Rent it!

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